Help Me I'm going nutz trying to figure out the problem????

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Posted by Antaognist on February 04, 2001 at 06:50:45:

Does anybody know what might be wrong?

Consistantly when I'm recording midi, my QS6.1 will change programs right in the middle of what I'm playing?

(example: I'll be recording a piano tracks, and 1 minute in, it'll turn to a horn?) IT's always sporatic, and goes to different sounds.

I'm using the Serial driver 3.04 and serial cable connected to my PC, (which is definately up to the requirements) Is this a bug with the driver, or the cable? Or is this a problem with my synth?

I've had this problem in both Micrologic AV and in Cubase VST5.0 32 so I am getting very frustrated!

Somebody please help!

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