midi and reason probs

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Posted by dana on December 16, 2001 at 03:50:46:

Could you point out what I'm doing wrong? It's so simple but it's drivin me nuts.

I've got Reason on a laptop (G4, running in classic mode: OS9). It's hooked up to a basic midi breakout box (Midiman USB Midiport 2x2), which my midi keyboard (BassStation) is hooked into. In OMS, it recognises the midi in/out box as well as the synth. Just once Reason is up, the box lights up like it reads what i'm hitting on the keyboard, but nothing comes out of reason. When I draw in my parts in reason, it plays back. it just doesn't recognise what i'm playing on the keys.

I've chosen the correct midi device in the midi preferrences in reason and it still ain't working.maybe you can point out what i'm doing wrong? it's such a basic thing, but i can't work it out.

I've got reason running on my desktop (G4) and the midi box is the digi001... and it works fine. just this laptop is truly sending me round in circles... maybe someone can help me see a little more clearly here.

any feedback most welcome. thanks.

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