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Posted by Jeremy Dimmick on November 03, 2001 at 09:38:45:

In Reply to: SB LIVE USERS please help me posted by Vangel on November 01, 2001 at 07:09:24:

Your comment that the s/w synth gives you best sound quality tells me that you have a major problem with your A / B synth, which is the only one capable of giving acceptable quality or controllability. The s/w synth is, objectively and straightforwardly, utter utter utter rubbish. I suspect you've still got the default (2Mb) soundfont installed on the A synth.
The first thing you should do is dig out your Liveware CD and replace it with the 8Mb one, which will hopefully change your life. (To do this, run AudioHQ and choose SoundFont.) Then wander over to sites like and see what's on offer in the way of free soundfont banks and individual instruments; there's some pretty amazing things out there (as well as a certain amount of crap - the user reviews at HammerSound will often guide you). Sometimes soundfont authors also code in some preset reverb and chorus in their instruments, but you can cut it down in Vienna if you want. (Feel free to email me about this if you'd like details.)

I'm afraid one of the myraiad rubbishnesses of the s/w synth is that the reverb is hardcoded and can't be eliminated. One other common source of unwanted reverb is an environmental preset: you might want to run Environmental Audio from AudioHQ, and play with the global reverb setting in the audio environment you've set up. The MIDI controllers 91 & 93 modify reverb and chorus only within the overall parameters set up in Environmental Audio.


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