HELP! CW and external Module - - What banks to use?????

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Posted by Tony R on October 25, 2001 at 20:12:33:

In Cakewalk, all I ever used was my Roland XP50. So, it was fairly simple. All I had to do was choose the midi track and channel and it would all work great.

I just bought a midi interface (4 in and out). So, I dumped the joystick connector. I have it set up as follows:

Input A Roland XP50
Input B Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Input C
Input D

Output A Roland XP 50
Output B Alesis SR 16
Output C Roland M-DB1 (Bass & Drums sound module)
Output D

OK. So, the XP50 works great. The Alesis Drum Machine will only play the default drum. I have an iunstrument Definition List for the SR 16 and I see all the patch names in Cakewalk but it doesnt change the patches.

As for the Bass and Drums Module, nothing happens, even with an Instrument Definition List.

Anyway, using the XP50 instrument definition list in CW 90 works great. I just click the PATCH box (in CW90) and I can choose USER, PRE-A, PRE-B. PRE-C and GM banks. When I choose any of those banks, the names of the patches show up below and I can choose any one I want and it will be that sound.

The Bass and Drums module has an Ins Def List that I downloaded from CW'sa site. I go into cakewalk and choose midi channel 16, click on PATCH, I see the Bass and Drums list but when I choose it, it doesnt trigger any sounds. Silence. The only way I get sounds out of the module is if I choose the XP50 Def list and use USER and PRESET A banks. It wont work if I choose PR B PRC or GM. I see what is happening........

Under the XP50 ins list, it shows this:

10240-USER A (these are user definable bank of sounds)
10368-PR A (these are Preset sounds)
10369-PR B (these are Preset sounds)
10370-PR C (these are Preset sounds)
10371-PR GM (GM Sounds)
10752- SR JV80 Dance Expansion Module 00-196 (an expansion board that I added in the XP50)
10753- SR JV80 Dance Expansion Module 197-364

So, it is obvious that bank 10368 allows me to hear the 1st set of patches of the Bass and Drums Module and bank 10369 allows me to hear the 2nd set of patches.

The Bass and Drums ins def list shows 2 banks that look like this:

0-SR JV80-10 Bass & Drums 1-128
1-SR JV80-10 Bass & Drums 129-204

So, the 0 and 1 banks that are part of the list doesnt do anything. I need to find the correct bank numbers to make these sounds do something. That is my real problem. Sure, I can use them using the XP50's User and PRE A list but it shows those instruments (such as Pianos, Oboes, etc) and not the module's sounds. There must be a way to do this. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? Or am I nuts?


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