failing midi configuration

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Posted by Paul Wissink/ the Netherlands on September 26, 2001 at 08:31:46:

Dear friends,

I tried for long hours to connect my Kurzweil K2000 (v3) with a Yamaha
CS1 X in an MIDI configuration.
Both are proper linked via an good working MIDI-interface to an Apple, that is running Cubase.

The idea is that -in Cubase, on certain channels- the Kurzweil trigger
the sounds of the Yamaha...

So far, it wil not work.
Perhaps the problem is in the (channel)settings of the individual
instruments in relation to each other, or in
relation to Cubase.
Note on this: when i connect only one of both instruments, everything works fine.

What ever.... the several userguides don't give understandable answers,
and my affords on this
seems running out.

Is there somebody who knows how i can solve this nasty problem. Is there any information on the web for example??
I hope there is some information on this case..

At the forehand many thanks, and a lot of greetings,

Paul Wissink
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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