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Posted by Les on August 08, 2001 at 20:26:00:

In Reply to: midi patch editors/librarians ? posted by Klayton on August 05, 2001 at 17:20:35:

: I downloaded an editor for my synth, however, I have no idea what editors/librarians even do, let alone how to do something with it. I've searching the internet for hours trying to find some information on basic functions of editors, can't find a thing. Help please?

Editors are useful if you like to program your own sounds. It's much easier to do it on the computer screen where you can see a lot more than on
any synthesizer display. Many editors come with a list of supported synthesizers, which are already set up and ready to use. Since you didn't mention
what kind of synth(s) you have, and what's the name of the editor, I can't tell what to do next.

Librarians are patch organizers, if you have lots of extra patches of your own or downloaded from the net, you can easily sort them out with a good librarian.
Editors and librarians usually come in one program, and both are synth specific, and use sysex (system exclusive messages) to communicate with the synth,
so make sure your editor librarian and synth work together.

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