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Posted by Les on August 02, 2001 at 03:32:41:

In Reply to: Need to know~~~- posted by Wai Wai on August 01, 2001 at 21:54:47:

: 1. What is a MIDI cable?

It's a cable with standard 5-pin DIN connectors on each end, used to connect MIDI devices,
like synthesizers, sound modules, etc.

: 2. What is a Controlling device?

MIDI controllers are used for MIDI input, they can be MIDI capable keyboards, guitars
or wind controllers. There are also dedicated controllers with lots of knobs and faders,
used to control the sounds on various synthesizers.

: 3. What is a MIDI interface?

MIDI interfaces are used to connect MIDI devices to computers. If you have a MIDI capable keyboard
for example, you need a MIDI interface and a few MIDI cables to connect it to your computer, so you can
use it to work with all kinds of music software.

: 4. What is MIDI ports?

MIDI ports are the number of available MIDI connections on any MIDI device.
Each MIDI port can transmit up to 16 channels of MIDI data. If you want more,
add more MIDI ports.

: 5. What is Sequence and sequencing software?

A sequence is recorded MIDI data. It contains MIDI events, such as what note should be played,
how loud and how long, what instrument sound should be triggered, and many other control info.
MIDI sequences don't store actual sounds, they only store performance data, sounds are
only triggered from synthesizers, sound cards or other sound producing MIDI devices.

: 6. What is a drum machine?

A drum machine is a special synthesizer, with only drum sounds, and rhythm patterns. Most of them are
programmable, so you can create your own beat sequences using preset or original patterns.

: 7. What is multi-timbral modules?

Multi-timbral modules can receive MIDI data on 16 or more MIDI channels. Each channel can be
assigned to different instruments, it's like a virtual orchestra.

: 8. What is a computer sound card?

Most computer sound cards are multi-purpose devices, used mainly for playing sound files
such as WAV and MP3. They also provide audio in and out ports, to connect microphones and
speakers, game control devices (joystick) and also MIDI.

For pictures and detailed descriptions for all the above, click on the Midi-Store banner
on the left, and type keywords to the search box, like : cable or interface, module, etc.
You'll get a list of products for each, click on the ones you like, and read the descriptions.

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