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Posted by Jeremy Dimmick on July 29, 2001 at 15:06:03:

In Reply to: Re: ok so what happens next? help plz! posted by Jeremy Dimmick on July 29, 2001 at 15:01:17:

Oops, the html got spat out: I'll try again, but in the html examples, replace the {curly brackets} with angled brackets.


Sure - but first, do make sure you get the authors' permission before posting any of their MIDI files, as they hold copyright.

Assuming you get permission, it's very simple thereafter. You can simply link to it using the normal html anchors, e.g.

{A HREF="example.mid"}click here{/A}

and it'll launch whatever media player the user has set up to play MIDI files - WinAmp or whatever. Alternatively you can also use the EMBED tag in Internet Explorer and Netscape:

{EMBED SRC="example.mid"}

In this latter case you should get a media player transport embedded in the page itself. There are some switches: AUTOSTART=TRUE (playback starts automatically when the page is loaded - but this is the single most annoying feature in website design IMO - and for use with it, HIDDEN=TRUE (no visible playback controls) and LOOP=n where n is the number of times it'll play, or LOOP=INFINITE if you really want to annoy people.

EMBED isn't official HTML, I think, so the best way to get cross-browser support is to stick to launching the MIDI in an external player using the tags. Internet Explorer has its own proprietary equivalent to EMBED, which is BGSOUND, thus:

{BGSOUND SRC="example.mid" LOOP=n}

Hope that helps.

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