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Posted by Les on June 01, 2001 at 04:06:03:

In Reply to: output device posted by ed kilpatrick on May 31, 2001 at 22:51:04:

: hi, i just found this site, and wanted to ask a question. can anyone tell me if this device exists: i have a vision of running my sequencer's midi out into this mystery device that would then split into sixteen individual outputs, allowing me to run each midi channel into its own channel on a 16 ch mixer. is there such an animal? if not, would it be feasible to build one? i realize the output would be purely audio and no longer midi, but this is what i'm looking for. thanks in advance.
: ed

Sorry, there's no such device. In order to turn your MIDI signals into audio, you need some sort of synth, and most synths don't have 16 individual outputs.
The Alesis Andromeda has 16 mono audio outputs, but it's pretty expensive, and doesn't really have the polyphony to deal with a sequencer.
MDI signal is only performance data, which key to press, when to release it, and so on. This data can be transmitted via MIDI cable to one or more
synthesizers, where the actual sound is generated. You can run all your MIDI channels thru a MIDI mixer like the MM-16 (see link below), and then into
into a couple of synths with multiple audio outputs, like the JV-2080 or the Proteus, (that's how I do it).

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