Pls help me i suck (303 & midi prob)

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Posted by Ray on March 12, 2001 at 15:45:24:

Hi. I suck.. i cant even get my mc-303 to send/recieve midi instructions to/from my pc. I am using the sblive's gameport at the pc end, splitting to your usual midi in and out connectors at the 303 end.
Am i doing something wrong? Well, i have studied my 303's manual and tried setting the out assign parameter to "ext", holding down the play mode button whilst powering on and alsorts.. the software is Cubase (or protools free, neither work)and i run Windows ME at the moment (but i couldnt make it work in 98SE either).
Please, if you can help, do cos i've been struggling on and off with midi for quite some time now and figure maybe its time to by a midiman or some similar device.

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