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Haydn at Eszterhaza 1766-1790 : Chronicle and Works

The Classical Style : Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

This outstanding book treating the three most beloved
composers of the Vienna School
- Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven -
is basic to the study of Classical-era music.
With music examples.

Complete London Symphonies in Full Score

The Creation in Full Score
Premiered in 1799, the oratorio Die Schoepfung (The Creation) was a
smashing success for Joseph Haydn. It was an authentic hit that
received performances all over Europe in the first decade of the
new century, including nearly 50 in its premiere city of Vienna.
The Creation was, incidentally, the first ever example of a score
to be published simultaneously in two languages: German and English.
The Creation is a work with great religious and entertainment value.

Complete Piano Sonatas

The Seasons in Full Scoret

Haydn (The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers)

Twelve String Quartets : Opus 55, 64 and 71 Complete

The Great Haydn Quartets : Their Interpretation

Haydn : A Creative Life in Musics

Haydn's Keyboard Music : Studies in Performance Practice