Experimental Music

Kick starting a composition

Often composers get stuck in the writing process. The following experiments are meant to
help just about anyone re-examine how they think when composing
as opposed to what they are composing.

Approach these experiments with an open mind. They are simple in concept but may seem
difficult to execute. This is intentional.

In the very near future, when folks have uploaded their results we will discuss the
results and purpose of each experiment.

One note

The idea behind this experiment is to explore what can be done using one note on your
synthesizer and sequencer. These are the rules for working this experiment:
  • You can use any note you desire and can use it as frequently as you wish.
  • The note can be played in any octave and durations that you choose.
  • Use as many timbres as you desire, just stay within general midi specifications.
  • Keep the sequence within a one to two minute time frame

Once you have completed your sequence, please contact the webmaster for upload info.

When we have several uploaded files we will publish them on this page
and can discuss why you did it and the outcome of your sequences.

No Pulse Music

The idea behind this sequence is to create a sequence without using
a pulse or timing. Try turning off your metronome when doing this
experiment. Here's what you'll need to do:
  • Plan on at least two minutes of sequencing time.
  • Use as many timbres as you want.
  • Play anything you want but pay attention to whether it is rhythmic.
  • If so, save it, disguard it, but do not use it for this sequence.
  • Listen to whatever you play. You can't make a mistake.
  • Build on the sequence using anything other than a beat or tempo.

It might seem sadistic but there is a purpose to an exercise like this. You will
probably get a feeling for what the purpose is as you work on it. This may sound
deceptively simple but as you work on the sequence you will see how difficult it
is specifically not using meter or tempo.

As with experiment #1 once we have several sequences we will publish them
and discuss the results.

In the coming months we will be continuing these experiments for anyone that
wishes to participate. We will also introduce additional thought experiments
which will hopefully enhance your way of thinking as a musician or composer,
and will be fun to work and listen to.

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