The Music of David W. Solomons

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The pieces in this selection are:

Christmas Haikus :
This is a setting for alto and piano (changing the alto to an oboe for better soundcard listening!) of four Christmas Haikus by Canon Radcliffe of Manchester Cathedral (Where I sang it back in 1996)

Details for violin and guitar :
Details for violin and guitar (composed 1976 - midi sequenced very recently)

Elsass :
This is the first movement of a suite for cello and guitar based on old folktunes from Alsace.
Written in my "classical" days, about the same time as the enlosed photo was taken (1976)!

Henry's Tune : This is the 4th movement of a suite for tuba quartet, in the octatonic mode, based on Henry VIII's song Pastime with good company.

Honey Flowers 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 :
Honey Flowers for guitar duet (composed 1998, based on poems by Melissanthi (whose name means bee-flower, hence the title))

Jam Fancy :
Jam Fancy for tenor recorder and jazz band (composed 1998 and played by the jazz recorder player Isis Goddess in Oregon now and then)

Modal Duet :
Modal Duet for recorder and piano.
This is in the octatonic mode and is one of a set of octatonic pieces written over the last two years.
It was performed in April 1997 by John Turner at Manchester University.

Nunc Dimittis :
A setting of the Evensong canticle "Nunc Dimittis" (Lord, lettest Thou thy servant depart in piece...) for girls' choir, organ and harp, written for the girls' choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

Petticoat Lane :
Petticoat Lane, for clarinet and piano (composed in 1984, while I lived in a flat overlooking that jolly market in London)

  • Tree :
    Tree - for Roland synth. Part fractal part improvised.

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