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Posted by dar on September 16, 1998 at 14:40:48:

In Reply to: Re: Newbie with New Toys posted by Tom Cantrell on September 15, 1998 at 23:06:12:

I've read the manual and checked out some websites
and here's what I've come up with: I'm either
going to use the serial cable with the QS6 into
the computer and run the Midi out from the QS6
to control the VS840 (yes, it's dedicated and records on
Zip disks). I don't think I'll be using the
computer to record. I'll use it to sequence only
and record direct to the recorder and add analog
tracks through the VS840's mixer. Or, I'll get
a double in/double out parallel Midi interface (Altech has
them from $100 to $200)
through the printer port of the computer and
have the signals controling both the QS6 and the
recorder coming from the 'puter. Now, having said
all that, does my sound card on the laptop need
more than just MIDI capabilities, since I'm not
interested in sounds coming from the laptop, just
the in/out MIDI signals to the QS6 and the
recorder? (phew!)

Thanks for all your help...

-- Dar

: It's good to have new toys.
: Have you read up on the QS6 manual? Lot of good information there, but it can be hard to decipher.
: The Roland is a dedicated hard disk recorder/mixer?
: So you would have the computer play the QS6 into the VS840?
: The QS6 came with software to use the serial interface, which sounds like the way you would have to go, with a notebook.
: I haven't used that method myself, but it's supposed to be pretty straight forward.
: The other way to go (you can only choose 1!) is a midi interface, which you can get for the notebook for $3-400. Notebook seems kind of limiting.
: Since you have a seperate recorder you don't need to record on your computer. I use the computer to record audio tracks.
: I use an AWE64 gold card, but I'm finding it is barely passible. I'm thinging about the EMU Audio Production Studio, as they put it: The EMU
: Audio Production Studio is a PCI-based audio system that
: gives you 64 voices of sampling, multitrack hard disk recording, and
: professional real-time DSP effects along with all the software you’ll
: need to get professional results right out of the box.

: It does digital I/O and uses system ram for sound fonts. Which sound pretty good for $700.
: Have to save my pennies.
: I would definately try the serial software that came with the QS6, and see if it does everything you need.
: Well good luck!

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