got a qs6...WOW, but now im in midi hell

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Posted by TOM on July 29, 1998 at 14:20:34:

i love this machine, sounds great, having much trouble with midi though, the store where i purchased it sold me a connector that goes from the 2 midi ports on the back of the qs6 to the joystick port on my awe32, ive tried everything and cannot get any midi files to playback using the qs6, can i even do this ? in the driver setup i have set the adress and irq to use the same adress as comport 1, the file plays but no sound comes out, i have set the qs6 up like this edit/select, global, then page 6 is set to kbd mode out 1 page 7 is general midi on, page 15 ive tried i/o midi and i/o pc 38.4kbaud page 16 midi out on, maybe im way off base here. im new to midi (obviously) and its pretty frustrating, im currently reading the manual. its ok but not much help. just confusing me more. anyone have any suggestions, is there a simple 1,2,3 process that i can go through to get up and running, do i need to remove all the soundblaster midi devices so they dont conflict with the synth. im just not sure. theres so many settings, i know midi is supposed to be fairly simple but to me its like rocket science. i know alot about computers, built quite a few. but midi.... forget it. im dumb...HELP

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