Cubasis on QS8 - detuned sounds

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Posted by Don Seitz on July 06, 1998 at 10:51:55:

I recently purchased a QS8 and am now using the Cubasis program that came on the CD. From time to time when
I bring up a file and start playback, all tje sounds coming out of the QS8 are detuned from each other.
This sometimes can be cleared by stopping and restarting. After saving the file (and I do not understand the difference
between an arrangement and the .all files) I will call up a file I just finnished working on and start playing it, the instruments
will not be correct or the music plays detuned (my way of saying non of the instruments sound good together), then at other
times everything works ok and all my music sounds great.

What am I doing wrong?? Why does the music sound so bad from time to time???

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