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Posted by Dave Luhta on June 22, 1998 at 21:15:09:

This is basic to many of you but I am a little confused about the outputs and amping the QS8 and I think that is giving me some of my problems with the piano sounds. I have been running just one line, left main, to the left input of channel on my Roland KC500. It sounds forced and ugly and wierd and high volume in the mix with a big band. So now I have ran a line from the right main output and plugged it into the right input of another channel on the Roland and the volume is up alot. So it is confusing because why shouldn't I run a right and left main into the right and left of one channel on the Roland. Or, run the AUx outputs to another channel and so forth. Just what do some of you do in live direct to amp situations and what should I be doing?
I also read in the manual to keep the volume slider on the board all the way up and adjust with the amp for volume.
Thanks, Dave L.

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