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Posted by Manny on April 24, 1998 at 04:21:27:

In Reply to: QS7 midi player problem posted by Kenny on March 30, 1998 at 01:10:07:

: I am using a QS7 with a ceramic AMD 8 meg flash RAM
: card, a Roland MS1 sampler, and Cubase software. When
: I transfer a midi file over to the QS7 via Soundbridge
: and try to play it at first everything is fine. After I
: start and stop it a few times or pull up another midi
: file from the card, the QS7 begins to send random
: information to my sampler thus false triggering it.
: I am saving all my work as a type O midi file and have
: had the same effect using the files on the Alesis CD.
: I know it is the midi player because I have recorded
: the same file back into Cubase when it works fine and
: when it doesn't. When it's working fine the file comes
: up the exact same as the original in the editor. But
: when it's not working fine I've counted up to 16 extra
: notes. Any idea's? I have called tech support numerous
: times and keep getting the runaround. Thanks so much
: in advance.
: -Kenny
I do not have flash RAM yet, tho I plan on getting it.
So I am not able to help you. Sorry.
u however maybe able to help me.

I have a QS7 and had interface problems that I just solved. Now learning the QS7 is my
task. I never seem to repeat things like
Hearing the QS7 . Basic but not always easy to do. I set the midi channels of the
cakewalk ( my software ) track to work . Not always. Can you clue me in?

Manny. Thanks...
the midi channel of the QS7 and it may

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