QS7 midi player problem

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Posted by Kenny on March 30, 1998 at 01:10:07:

I am using a QS7 with a ceramic AMD 8 meg flash RAM
card, a Roland MS1 sampler, and Cubase software. When
I transfer a midi file over to the QS7 via Soundbridge
and try to play it at first everything is fine. After I
start and stop it a few times or pull up another midi
file from the card, the QS7 begins to send random
information to my sampler thus false triggering it.
I am saving all my work as a type O midi file and have
had the same effect using the files on the Alesis CD.
I know it is the midi player because I have recorded
the same file back into Cubase when it works fine and
when it doesn't. When it's working fine the file comes
up the exact same as the original in the editor. But
when it's not working fine I've counted up to 16 extra
notes. Any idea's? I have called tech support numerous
times and keep getting the runaround. Thanks so much
in advance.

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