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Posted by Samuel H. Lester on February 15, 1998 at 14:10:47:

In Reply to: Follow-up for Les posted by Dan on February 15, 1998 at 12:35:46:

You are certainly right about the manual. I
understand a new manual is in the works, but in
the meantime... You might give Alesis tech support
a call to let them know your complaints personally.
To send a sysex file with Freeloader, first "add"
(on a Mac, choose "Add" from the Edit menu)
it to the "Playlist", then play it. If you have
added multiple files, Freeloader cycles through
them automatically (if anyone knows a way to play
exactly a single file in a multi-file playlist, I
would like to hear it, as the beginning of one file
tends to overwrite the beginning of the last).
Before using Freeloader, you should choose
the Setup menu choice (from the Midi menu). Normally,
the setup is performed automatically (I think), but
if you are using a Mac with Apple's MidiManager, you
will have to use PatchBay to connect the out of the
port to the in of Freeloader, and the out of Free-
loader to the in of the port (Alesis says that
the Apple MidiManager has problems, but I have had
none in transmitting Sysex files once Patchbay was
configured properly--most Mac programs do this
automatically, but not Freeloader).
There is a small help section for Freeloader
in the "About" box on the Mac; I don't know where
it is on PCs.
Hope this helps.

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