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Posted by Dan on February 15, 1998 at 12:35:46:

In Reply to: Re: "Expando" and "QCard" banks from Alesis? posted by Les on February 15, 1998 at 06:03:44:

: I just looked into the manual, it's there, in Chapter 9, under "Saving Programs via MIDI Sysex".


Hi Les...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my post!

I still have a beef with the Alesis people for writing such a lousy manual. I'm sure that if you
are either Kreskin or a seasoned MIDI veteran, Chapter 9 makes perfect sense to you. However, I am

Suspend your knowledge of the QS8 for a moment and re-read that section in Chapter 9, "Saving Programs
via MIDI Sysex". Pretend that you're actually trying to learn something useful from this page. It only
talks about "TRANSMITTING MIDI data", not receiving. "This data can be SENT to a storage device, or recorded
into a MIDI sequencer or sent to ANOTHER QS or S4."

Then the instructions describe how "To Send the Entire User Bank via MIDI".

I don't doubt that you are correct, that I can indeed load an Expando bank from
my PC into the User bank of my QS8. But can you see where I am coming from... That it's truly impossible to
have learned this from this chapter? Zheesh!! What an important thing to know!!... that there are hundreds
of more sound available to you, if only they could take a paragraph and describe
"How to Load a Sysex File into the User Bank"!!

I took another look at Freeloader last night and tried to figure out how that might work... Another nightmare.
If this is the program that you use to send Sysex data, it sure isn't obvious. Everywhere I read there were
references to "the playlist"... is this a jukebox or what?

Les, thank you for your help... If it's true that the Alesis folks do read this forum, I hope that they will get a
clue and hire someone to write an informative manual for them. It's really a shame that such a fantastic product is
marred by such lousy documentation.

- Dan

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