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Posted by Dalvani Lima on October 10, 1997 at 19:16:08:

In Reply to: Velocity Sensitivity (QS7) posted by Sonny on October 08, 1997 at 11:39:33:

: Hi everyone,
: I'm looking for tips on how to get the MAXIMUM Velocity Sensitivity, from Very Soft to Very Loud (especially on Piano sounds) out of my QS7.
: In Global Settings I have set:
: Keyboard Curve: Weighted
: Keyboard Scaling: 00
: In Program Edit I have set:
: Amp Range, Velocity Curve: On each Sound of the Program, I have set "4 of 4" (this curve looks on the chart to be the most "dramatic" rise, which I assume would give me the MOST "differential" and "range" between Loud and Soft.
: I'm not that happy with results. Am I doing something wrong, or are there some other parameters that are affecting the Velocity Sensitivity?
: Also, sometimes, a Program will have decent Velocity Sensitivity, but, when I put it into a Mix, it seems to have LESS Velocity Sensitivity. Are there Mix Parameters that are affecting the Vel. Sens.?
: Thanks for your help!
: ---Sonny

Hi Sonny,

When I first played my QS8 down in the store, I
simply loved the piano sounds. After I bought it,
I had the opportunity to take a much closer look
at them and I found thet most of them were not
as responsive as a real piano.

First I tried the same global parameters you did
without much improvement. Then I tryed edditing
the velocity modulation over the filter cuttoff
frequency. No big deal!

I finally found out what is sure to be one of the
QS7/8/R's most powerfull features: the 6 all
purpose modulators and the track generator.

When wdditing a sound you can assign up to 6
modullators to about anything you can think of
(MOD 1 .. MOD6). Using these, you can use velocity
to modulate the AMP ENVELOPE LEVEL, resulting in
a much more responsive sound. Try using MOD 6 in
the pianos:

Source: Velocity
Level: 50

You can leave the othe parameters the way they are.

I also use MODs to make the sound brighter as I
strike keys harder. This is as simple as the
previous example, but the Dest Parameter should
be the filter cuttoff frequency.

If you want full control over the velocity curves,
you can use the track generator. It lets you create
different velocity curves and then assign it as the
Source Parameter in the 6 MODs. Read about the TG
in your manual, it's far too tricky to explain here.

Good Luck,


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