Velocity Sensitivity (QS7)

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Posted by Sonny on October 08, 1997 at 11:39:33:

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for tips on how to get the MAXIMUM Velocity Sensitivity, from Very Soft to Very Loud (especially on Piano sounds) out of my QS7.
In Global Settings I have set:
Keyboard Curve: Weighted
Keyboard Scaling: 00
In Program Edit I have set:
Amp Range, Velocity Curve: On each Sound of the Program, I have set "4 of 4" (this curve looks on the chart to be the most "dramatic" rise, which I assume would give me the MOST "differential" and "range" between Loud and Soft.
I'm not that happy with results. Am I doing something wrong, or are there some other parameters that are affecting the Velocity Sensitivity?
Also, sometimes, a Program will have decent Velocity Sensitivity, but, when I put it into a Mix, it seems to have LESS Velocity Sensitivity. Are there Mix Parameters that are affecting the Vel. Sens.?
Thanks for your help!

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