Can't record MIDI from my keyboard

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Posted by Luis Sosa on June 21, 2003 at 12:40:00:

I have a CTK-631 Casio keyboard (General MIDI compatible), and a C-Media sound card, with a joystick port to comunicate with the keyboard. In the Windows 98 Control Panel, option Multimedia, MIDI tab, I have selected "Roland MPU-401" as MIDI out.

MIDI Out works well, I can hear MIDI data from the PC to the keyboard.
Problem is MIDI data that come from the keyboard to the PC. I tested a lot of differents sequencers, and MIDI data is wrong-interpreted. I.e. I push a note in the keyboard, then the sequencer receives a Program Change , or a Pitch Bend. I've tried activating and desactivating General MIDI in the keyboard, and the problem goes on.

MIDI cables are well conected (OUT-IN, IN-OUT)

Thanks a lot for helping me

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