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Posted by Dovre on March 16, 2003 at 14:11:42:

In Reply to: Using Keyboard as a Sound Module & Controler Keyboard posted by Rich on January 22, 2003 at 09:21:57:

First you will need to connect your keyboard to MIDI IN/OUT which it seems like you have done. Then you need to connect the audio outs from your keyboard to the AUDIO in of either a mixer or your soundcard. Then you need to set the midi channel you want your keyboard to receive MIDI messages on from the sequencer. In a good sequenccer you can also define your keyboard for the sequencer so that the different soundbanks for your keyboard will show up in the sequencer window on your PC. That way its much easier to select banks/sounds on your keyboard. Also you would set your keyboard not to transmit any sound just coz u press a key on it. This is on my keyboard called LOCAL-OFF.
Look in the Cubase manual and in the keyboard manual. Here is a summary.
1. Set Keyboard to LOCAL-OFF
2. Set Keyboard to play through a specific midi channel.
These two settings will normally be done through the menus of your Yamaha.
3. Define your Yamaha for your sequencer. Not neccesary but makes it a whole more easier.
Have Fun!

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