Using Keyboard as a Sound Module & Controler Keyboard

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Posted by Rich on January 22, 2003 at 09:21:57:

Hi There,

got a Yamaha PSR-540 keyboard that's packed with the 600+ XG sounds.
How on earth can I access these sounds, via Cubase. I.E. Use the keyboard as a sound module. I am using the keybaord as a controler keyboard.

If I try & select "add sound module", Cubase asks me to select a ".dev" file.

I can select 'output' to the keyboard driver, so that the pc's soundcard plays back via the keyboard, but when i go to select a patch, it doesn't have any.

Only when i select 'output' to the soundcard can i access the soundcard's patches; but i want to use the keyboards own sounds.

Any advice would be apreciated.

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