Help! connecting recording using my synth in Cubase!

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Posted by Sarah on May 12, 2002 at 22:07:11:

Can anyone help me record using my module in Cubase?
I have midi keyboard (with midi out only) and have connected this to midi in on my roland JV1080. So far so good, I can plug in my headphones play away.
However,I want to connect this to my sound card (SBlive 5.1, windows XP) so I can record using Cubase VST5. I have connected joystick port adapter to midi out on module but I cant hear anything playing or recording in Cubase.
I have midi input and output set to SBlive MIDI UART, is this a problem? Do I need audio outputs from module to souncard to be able to use the sounds?
Cubase also seems to be reading a signal in and out but I cant hear anything or record.
Please help, I'm going insane trying to make this work, I just wanna make music- is that too much to ask?!!! :)

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