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Posted by Marcelo on April 01, 2007 at 17:57:12:

I'm trying to edit a simple mix with a two-sounds-split on a QS7. But it seems that the original effects don't are copied to the mix settings.
How do I split the keyboard?

I'm using this instructions from the QS8.2 manual and I'm trying to mix USER 100 and USER 105 programs (Zoo Lead & '74 Square)

1. Press the [MIX] button to get into Mix Mode.
2. Select a Mix that has a split, for example, Preset 1 #022 “PercNPedl”.
3. Press [PAGE >] to select the first Mix channel.
4. Select the Program for the lower half of the split using the numbered
NOTE: If only one of the sounds seems to
5. Press [PAGE >] to select the second Mix channel.
work, make sure the Keyboard Mode
6. Select the Program for the upper half of the split.
(Global Page 6) is set to “NORMAL”. The
7. If you want to store this Mix, hit the [STORE] button, select a User
parameter that sets the split point is the
Mix destination, and hit [STORE] again.

Any Hints?
Thanks in advance

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