QS OMS driver, how to get it to work

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Posted by Rob Shaw on January 15, 2007 at 11:47:07:

There was a post here a couple years back that didn't get answered, so here's an answer found by trial and error just in case someone else has this problem.
I run a powermac 8500 connected to a QS8.

There's a "QSDriver" that comes with OMS, that gets
installed if you run the setup program while the serial
cable (a standard mac printer cable) is actually connected. It defaults to standard midi speed, most
disappointing, but if you click on the QS icon while in the setup program, a submenu magically appears
(How are you supposed to know this stuff?).
The submenu lets you jack up the speed to 115200 baud, and I can upload the user bank in about 8 1/2 seconds now. I'm estimating a full 8 meg flash card
will take around 25 minutes. My 8500 will run serial ports at 230400 baud, but I'd have to hack the driver, and I'm not sure the QS itself will go that fast.

If anyone knows of sources of obscure QS information
(mystery sysex codes, driver source, etc) I'd love to
know them!


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