Re: Burned Flash card does not work in B slot

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Posted by body on October 17, 2006 at 12:04:08:

In Reply to: Re: Burned Flash card does not work in B slot posted by body on October 02, 2006 at 13:11:27:

: : : Let me know if you are using 8 MB AMD linear D's

: : No, I'm using 10 MB cards. I might be a size problem. I have noticed one more problem: if I use the burned card in A slot with a ROM card in B slot, the patches from the burned card do not sound good, the samples has noises and nasty artifacts. If I replace the rom card with an S-Ram card (or I leave the B slot empty), the sound from the burned card is perfect.

: : It sounds curious, doesn't it?

: : Regards,

: : Angel

: I'm convinced now, of course it’s only with a sample size of 2, that flash cards over 8MB will not work in the B slot (on either QSR or QS8) – they burn and work fine in A slot.

: But I have not had the other issue with bad sounds or noise with a ROM card in second slot (at least I have not noticed any problems and I just gave it a quick listen so…can’t help you there)

: larry

OK - I just bought a 8MB Flash card from Midiworld (sponsors of this site) burnt an image on QSR (AND AGAIN ON QS8). Card works fine in slot A but NOT slot B. Different manufactures for each card. Now I need to try a Pretec or OLDER/different card if I can get my hands on one. But so far I can’t get cards to work in second slot.

No biggie but it would give me some flex.

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