Re: QS 8,8.1 Key Bed Swap Part II

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Posted by Joe Raven on October 07, 2006 at 18:33:27:

In Reply to: QS 8,8.1 Key Bed Swap posted by Joe Raven on October 07, 2006 at 18:26:43:

I sidetracked from my main question.
The problem I'm having is I put the 8 Bed in the 8.1 Chassis, but there's no sound, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if this works.
I trust the guys at the shop there, but maybe he forgot to tell me an 'Oh By The Way' thing....

Also like an idiot I pulled the 2 small ribbons coming from the end of the keybed and forgot which way they were oriented at the red wire to the left or right.

Thanks again...

: The Shop in N Hollywood is closed, but the other day one of the techs at Audio Design and Repair told me I could take my Key Bed from the 8 and put it in the 8.1 .
: I have an 8 and my wife got an 8.1 just before she died, so I'm left with the 2.

: The tuning is drifting on the 8, so I sent the mother board to them for repair. In the meantime, one of the 'F's' laid down and didn't come back up. I found the little green block in the back has the tab broken off. 5$ part, BUT, there's a wire rod about a sixteenth of an inch that runs through ALL of the little plastic blocks on the keyboard. It's like the main axle/pivot piece for the entire keyboard. While I wait for the part, I ponder driving that rod out to F2, taking all the keys out, then guiding the rod back through again. Vice grips and a hammer, and crossed fingers. I have been banging on the QS 8 for Years with no problems, and barely have played the 8.1.

: Does anyone know or have tried this? Maybe someone who Loves the QS 8 and beyond keeps a spare around and has dealt with this? I Love the QS 8's feel, and with some Garritan Grand Piano samples it's real hard to beat, short of having a real grand in my basement!

: Thanks for any help!
: Joe

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