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Posted by SAS on October 05, 2006 at 20:16:51:

In Reply to: software, software, who got the software? posted by John on September 26, 2006 at 12:17:49:

Do youself a favor and head over to the Alesis site.
Under Support/Download/software you can download Soundbridge and Freeloader for your platform - get both.

Also while there Support/Download/manuals get the QSx.1 manual and start reading, it is quite good.

Also you can download the extra sound banks for free from the Alesis site and you can use FreeLoader to send them one at a time to your User Bank.

Buy or make a serial cable if you have a PC. You can search on this forum for the pinout if you want to make one. You will also find links to suppliers and less than $10 should get you the serial cable. Much faster.

Look on EBAY for an SRAM card for the QS. You'll be able to store 8 banks of 128 patches and 100 mixes each on an SRAM card of 512K or larger. You can find some SRAM cards preloaded with banks for the QS.

Get a flash card (EBAY is good here also) of 8MB or larger AMD compatile (5volt read/write) if you want to store your own samples and create your own instrument definitions and for storing sequences. You'll use SoundBridge for that.



: Soundbridge? Cakewalk? DOS hacks?

: I just picked up a used 7.1. I'm intrigued by the possibilities but confused with all the different software choices. Is there a "newbie" area where I might learn about the different programs currently available for XP, different interfaces/cables, and just what benefits one derives? It would appear that if I had the right software that one could download several more banks of sounds from sites like this one. But then I have ver. 2 so I have more usable sounds than I've ever had in an "off the shelf" synth.

: I'm so confused :-)

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