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Posted by MrHope on September 27, 2006 at 17:59:22:

In Reply to: Qs 8.2 Pitch Problem posted by Antonio Mazzei on September 27, 2006 at 10:36:45:

I assume you are talking about editing the pitch wheel bend amount. Press Edit, then whichever button is for Program Pitch listed by columns and rows above the buttons. After you are in the Pitch menu, page over to the Pitch Wheel Page. I think it looks something like PWheel>02, but I can't remember for sure. You have to change it for each of the four sounds in the program. You do this by pressing 00,10,20,or 30 after you are in the pitch edit mode. In other words, each of these buttons toggles between Sound1, Sound2, Sound3, and Sound4. After you are done, press store, and save to wherever you want the program to be.

One thing to watch out for is some sounds wont bend up high enough even after you change the settings. It's an imperfection in the sound generation algorithms. You'll notice the pitch bend correctly for most sounds, but not for the last few upper keys. It will bend up to +9,+10,or +11 but not to +12. I've seen Casio keyboards have the same problem with transposition.

If you are talking about Sound detuning or Sound transposition, that is different, but is also in the Program Pitch menu. Detuning and Transposition are not affected by the Pitch Wheel.

You can also assign the Mod wheel to pitch, and similarly, you have to assign it for each of the four sounds. Read the manual, it's your friend.

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