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Posted by Reid on August 27, 2006 at 23:53:43:

Hi. I recently picked up a 10 year old Alesis QS8. I paid a very low price because the onboard sounds aren't working right. That's fine, because I was shopping for a controller anyway, and the keyboard and mdii output work fine.

But... I'm an electronic hack - I mean tech - of some ability, and I can't resist trying to fix it. I got hold of an old (same vintage as the board) Alesis service manual. I've run the onboard self-tests, and the sound ROM tests are failing for all the ROMs except #1. I haven't yet looked at the circuit board, but based on the schematic and the test results, my first guess is a broken bus trace after ROM 1. (Could 7 out of 8 ROMS really have failed?)

I sent an email to Alesis Tech Support last week - are they even there any more? I haven't yet heard back.

Anyone out there have any experience with this to share? I'd be grateful to hear from you.



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