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Posted by wingnut on April 07, 2006 at 11:31:14:

Hi gang! Cool forum here... I just found it. I must be desparate. ;)

In my S4 "sysex help file"... something claims...

0C - MIDI All Dump Request F0 00 00 0E 0E 0C F7

When received, the Quadrasynth will respond to this message with a 128 MIDI user program dumps (00), 100 MIDI user mix dumps (04), and 128 user effects dumps (06), and a Global data dump (0A), for a total of 77,776 MIDI bytes. A delay of 4.25 milliseconds will be placed between each dump, resulting in a total transfer time of 26.5 seconds. When receiving a complete dump, the Quadrasynth does not require any delay between dumps.

I can midiox-fire that sysex puppy at my S4, and it does just that... starts dumping. But... what IS a "midi byte" as used above? I get a file/dump that is some 1.9 megs! What the heck happened to getting a nice 77776 bytes userbank.syx saved to disk or in the midi-ox display window? Do I have a "raw midi bytes" versus "something else" brain-fry happening here?

A couple of things to note. It seems... if I remember correctly... that I used-to get 77776 byte userbank dumps just fine... from the S4, manually, or commanded... when I used cakewalk.... and I've not re-tried using potential tools within cakewalk... to repair my mental retardation. I sort-of latched onto midi-ox because of its "beef" in helping me learn quadra-sysex. Also, I am attempting to "re-save?" a modified-by-me GENERAL MIDI userbank... that someone else assembled... which I FIRST send to the S4 via midi-ox... and then mod the drum program a bit. Is THAT matterful somehow? I want to save my modded GM userbank, back to disk... as a good ol' 77k sysex file... and I get a good ol' 1.8 megger instead.

Does someone know where I've gone mental, on this subject?

Ok, ok, yes, you've discovered that I don't have much hands-on time with MIDI, sysex, or the S4... but that's why I'm here... on my trail to less stupimidi. :)

I'm bound to save some automaton calliopes and string quartets (circus debris) at House on the Rock, in Wisconsin... someday. I want to both midi-fy their songs, AND MMC/MSC their automaton armatures/actuators. I could use help. I need, eventually, a REALLY LOW COST "sysex switcher box"... that that allows one to any-channel-monitor for a certain user-invented sysex code... and throw relays or spins steppers... on one or many-of 128 five-volt outputs... DEPENDENT upon what sysex data is seen. In other words, I need to control "violin bow actuators" on these automaton musical instruments... via MMC/MSC... and I need it CHEAPLY!!! 8 channels of MSC for $500 just ain't gonna cut the muster. AND, IDEALLY... I get to replace the current air-powered violin bow actuators and "fingerboard actuators"... with servos and/or steppers.... and NOT JUST ON/OFF solenoid crap. In other words, I don't want the violin bow to be JUST PUSHED... or JUST PULLED... I want a solid 128 steps of PUSH and PULL. Then, I can write midi files with notes... plus MMC/MSC sysex embeded... for ALL the air-powered music machines and pipe organs at House on the Rock... (old circus music machines used no electricity)... and save these wonderful machines.... on a shoestring budget.

Ok, any help on the S4 userbank dump, would be fine. And any comments on my "Save House On The Rock" campaign... certainly welcome as well. ANY contact with sysex circuit maniacs or sysex switchers as mentioned above... would be EXCELLENT and welcomed beyond reason! :)

Please CC: wingnut@winternet.com


Larry "Wingnut" Wendlandt
Mad Scientist/AntiCapitalist

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