Erratic changes with Volume / Quad Knob Values on Original QS

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Posted by Gary on March 30, 2006 at 11:45:06:


I have owned an original QS keyboard for many years and for around the last year a few of the 4 quad knobs have started behaving erratically and seem to have a life of their own...
First of all the volume goes really quiet when you are playing they keyboard (but not when triggered via midi playback) and then cycles loud again.
The quad knobs seem to keep changing the patch parameters without me even touching them (It's not MIDI controlling them either). I can actually see them changing the values on the LCD without any form of input on the Synth.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I know the synth is getting old now and it's probably some kind of hardware failure but would be nice to know if it can be fixed or whether it's time to invest in a new synth.

Thanks for you help!


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