Lost my S4/QS power supply

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Posted by Frankus on February 15, 2006 at 14:34:02:

I just pulled my "old" S4 QuadraSynth out of deep storage and cannot locate the power supply or manuals. I never owned a "sound card" for it and would like a big fat one of those, too, if they are available and affordable.

Serial# is: S41701760 and dated August 1994.

I would very much like to get this puppy working and to max it out with storage and patches. I all the manuals, docs, and any other useful resources I can find.

The power supply looks to be a 4-pin DIN connector which is labled 9VAC~ but no current/amps requirement is printed there.

What I need most is the 9V-PS and some way to load/store patches. I always used the factory patches and never learned what was necesary to library and store/load patches.

BTW ... is this strange old optical port out-dated? I am not sure of what optical connection standards are compatible but I would be interested to know if optical connectors are still available, for this S4 and if there are still other devices worth hooking up to.

Same thing with the 48KHz BNC/CO-AX input ... What's with that?

Anyway ... I know there are lots of questions, here so, I would most like to know where and how to get a compatible 9VAC~ PS and how much I should expect to pay.

Thanks very mush, in advance.


P.S. The email I posted is not valid ... just trying to protect my new account from spam-bots. Please reply here, on this forum.

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