OK. But what if you're NOT an electro-onics technitian?

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Posted by Ain't Got No Solering Iron Fred Flintrock on January 19, 2005 at 11:52:51:

In Reply to: REPLACING LCD ON QS8 (HTML VERSION) posted by Paul on December 13, 2004 at 14:02:40:


I like the idea of spending maybe 15 notes on a new LCD screen, but looks like I need to spend about five hours of my time trying to do it.

I must admit, I don't know very much about electro-onics, and after reading your post about how to replace a failed original LCD screen with a "standard item" type screen, I am somewhat at a loss.

Don't know much about a 10k or 1k trimpots, or where to get such a thing, though I imagine one can be got at an electro-onics store. But now I got to go to an electro-onics store to get one. One hour.

I already spent about half an hour just reading how to do the swap. I still don't have any idea what all those lines of numbers mean (in your post) and figure it will take another hour or so to figure that out . . .

In other words, those of us who don't "get it", well we just don't get it.

I wish there was a way people like myself could do what you have described, in as simple a manner as you have indicated.

But for me, on account of my lack of knowledge about eltro-stuff, it is worth it to pay the rip-off price and merely switch the good one for the bad one.

Hey, maybe you could create an easily replaced LCD for people like me, and charge about half as much as Alesis for it. You could do well. Offer it for sale on these pages. Same for those pesky MOD and PITCH wheel gizmos that everybody keeps having trouble with and can't figure out how to get one. Maybe offer for sale a replacement part for those too!

I would love to have a couple extra MOD and PITCH wheel gizmos. I have one acting up right now, but I don't know where to get one, the right one. Same for the LCD. If mine goes out, I have to pay the rip-off price.

It would be nice to get an even better than stock part for less than Alesis sells the stock parts for, but who do we turn to? How about you?

See what I mean? Think about that, will you?

Fred Flintrock

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