QS Series Mixermaps Overview

Mixermap for Cubase VST - Mac format

Created by Dorian May

These maps were designed on a QS 8 Alesis synth the parameters will work also for the QS7, QSR and QS6 as long as the parameter is implemented by the particular synth. For instance, Keyboard parameters will not work on the QSR as there is no keyboard, but all other parmeters will work.

The maps are divided into 4 catagories :

  1. - 32 Sound Layer maps - allowing reatime controll of all Sound Layer parameters for all 16 channels. 2 layers are available each map

  2. - 16 Drum Edit maps (1 for each channel) that can be used to edit a Drum Kit sounds and Drum sounds that may be layered within a regular sound layered patch

  3. - 21 Drum Kit maps that allow you to mix and manipulate the 40 sounds of a Drum Kit patch. These are available from midi channels 10 - 16. You should try to limit your kits to these channels if you want to use this set of maps

  4. - 4 Performance Global Maps
These maps should allow you to access virtually all parameters of the QS series synths with the exception being the effect configurations

I also developed a Drum names map/folder which allows you to easily cut and paste your favorite Drum names to any of the maps for easy and quick labeling/identification purposes. I started with two of my favorite Drum Kits. Please send them to me so that we can add more to the pool.

Dorian May

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