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Posted by atl07960 on November 06, 2006 at 03:30:49:

here is my dilema. I am working with a Korg triton extreme, as well as a separate keyboard controller, a mpc2000xl, and a emu mo phat sound module. what I am trying to do is use sounds from the mo phat, the sounds loaded in my mpc 2000xl, and sounds from the triton at the same time, if necessary. the perfect situation would be to use the triton as the master midi controller (and set the mpc to recieve commands from it) and use the separate keyboard controller to control the mo phat (it only has a midi out) all at the same time. if this is possible let me know, or if someone has any other suggestions, let me know. please use very detailed explanations as far as settings on the machinery and also which plugs to use on each piece of equipment. thanks a bunch for anyone who can help me.

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