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Posted by Les on August 21, 2006 at 17:59:07:

In Reply to: setting up midi in my studio posted by atl07960 on August 21, 2006 at 16:29:12:

You forgot to mention what kind of MIDI interface you use. In order to control multiple devices,
you need a multiport interface. Check with Digidesign for compatibility before buying one.
I use the Roland / Edirol UM-880 as my MIDI interface / patchbay. It connects all my keyboards
and modules to the computer via USB, and I can control every one of them separately.
It also has the patchbay capability, so I can use it without the computer, and patch any output
to any input on any MIDI device. It's perfect, but I believe it's no longer in production,
so if you want one, look for it on ebay.
I don't have Pro Tools, but I know it has some serious compatibility issues, make sure it works
with the UM-880 (or UM-550). If not, try to find a similar Digidesign-compatible device.

If you're stuck with only one MIDI port, you can still make it work, but there are many limitations.
You only have 16 MIDI channels to work with, so if you have 3 synths, you get 5 channels each.
For example, channels 1-5 on synth #1, channels 6-10 on synth #2 and channels 11-15 on synth #3.
Use channel 16 to send control messages.
In order to make this sytem work, mute (disable) the unused channels on each sytnh.
Chain them together as follows:

Computer MIDI OUT -> sytnh1 MIDI IN
Synth1 MIDI THRU -> synth2 MIDI IN
Synth2 MIDI THRU -> synth3 MIDI IN
Keyboard controller MIDI OUT - Computer MIDI IN

See how it works and let me know if you have any questions.

: I am using pro tools 5.3.1 ( I know I need to upgrade) and I am trying to get all of my devices working in unison. I am using a triton extreme LE, a mpc 2000xl, and the EMU mo phat sound module. The question I have is how do I make the pro tools the master to control the trition, the triton to control the mpc, and the mpc control the sound module. I am very new to midi, so if anyone can help, please be detailed with your explanation when it comes to settings on each equipment.

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