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Posted by Metryman 55 on June 02, 2006 at 15:16:45:

In Reply to: Oxygen 8 and more... posted by Michael Redwine on May 23, 2006 at 06:11:25:

I just got a Axiom 25. M-Audio has a free download which you must get called Enigma which is a librarian/editor for all M-audio products. I would keep your Oxygen. Aside from the drumpads and maybe some other minor features (not familiar with in-depth Oxygen specs), Enigma should help program some things. But I do warn you, I have yet to figure out the manual (Enigma) or find a tutorial. You need to know a lot about Control Messages, channels, etc.,. It is not an intuitive process. I'm not a working tech or musician so it may take work to help break the code. Once I figure it out, I'll be fine and the Axiom is a solid box. But I'd stick with the Ox and use the money to hire an Enigma tutor! Good luck. I don't think the Ax will be any easier to work. As a newbie, it just takes time to get the right formulas. I'm sure your Ox will work. Just dig in.

: Hello Folks,

: I am kind of new to this music production. I primarily work in Adobe Audition 2.0. I also do some work in Sound Forge 8. Also, I plan to purchase Acid Pro 6 and Pro-Tools M-Powered 7. My problem is that I own an M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi-controller. But, I cannot get it to work- at all…

: I am thinking about purchasing an M-Audio Axiom 25 to replace the Oxygen 8 because it looks like it is much more intuitive and is compatible with M-Audio’s Enigma software. That seems to be a good route for the midi-illiterate like myself.

: I have a few questions:

: 1) Can I get the Oxygen 8 to work with Audition? If so how?
: 2) Will the Oxygen 8 work with Sound Forge? If so, how?
: 3) Will the Axiom 25 work any better with the programs I use or ones I plan to purchase? If so how?
: 4) Are there any video/online courses available for people like me?

: Thank you for reading my long plea for help.

: Frustrated,
: Mike

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