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Posted by Further on December 02, 2004 at 00:30:12:

I have a Yamaha PSR420 synthesiser keyboard and Cubase XL on my computer.

I am able to record and playback but am having dreadful trouble using the mixer and assigning patches (intrument sounds) to my songs.

I suspect the trouble goes back to the basic setup and connections.

When I go into Device Setup and VST COnnections, the only inputs and outputs available are stereo/SOundblaster. There is an option to add another device but Yamaha PDR420 is not in the drop down list of synths that are available. Can I use my synth properly with this software or what?

IN the in and out sections of the Inspector, I get sound with Soundblaster but not with any of the other options including General Midi and Wave Table. SHouldn't at least one of these be available to me?


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