Re: CASIO CTK531 - No MIDI data being received from keybord.

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Posted by Tony BAnks on March 15, 2002 at 07:15:51:

In Reply to: CASIO CTK531 - No MIDI data being received from keybord. posted by Peter Jeff on March 11, 2002 at 05:59:48:

Please, get Voyetra off your machine. It simply SUCS!!!!!!!!!!
Use Cubase or Quartz Audio master. That are programs.
Have you checked your MIDI implentation card???? MAybe you configurated your gameport as a Gameport and not as a MIDI port. (Hint: C#2 is up G4 is DOwn for Flight simulator :D :D :D). You can also buy a better synth.
: I have a Casio CTK531 connected to my PC using a MIDI cable plugged into the game port. The PC is able to send MIDI data to the keyboard, but the reverse is not true, that is, no data from the keyboard is being received by the PC. The sound card is a Sound Blaster 16/PRO and the driver Roland MPU-401. The software is Discovering Keyboards by Voyetra. Is anybody there that can assist me in finding a solution to this problem?

: Many thanks,

: Peter

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