Does anybody use AWE64 w/ a MIDI keyboard? What is the port address, [330] perhaps?

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Posted by Ville L on December 11, 2001 at 14:59:32:

I'm a beginner in making MIDI music and I'd need some help with a problem
with AWE64's midi ports which seem to be "lost" somewhere in Win98.

My friend and I are making music with my friend's Korg keyboard + sound module and his computer is
a PC/Win98 equipped with AWE64. The problem is that none of the midi programs
we're using can detect AWE64's midi in & out ports. My AWE32 works perfectly
with the midi stuff because such programs as Cakewalk Pro Audio can be configured
to use "SB16 Midi In [330]" and "SB16 Midi Out [330]" for the use of such external equipment
as keyboards, sound modules etc. Now, the weird thing here is that such ports don't show in
Cakewalk w/my friends AWE64. There's only "TTS Virtual Piano In" for an input
port and AWE64's internal sound banks for output while we would like to use
the Korg equipment for Input & Output.

We have reinstalled different versions of AWE64 drivers and all the music
software but Midi In & Out devices are still missing in Windows!
Is there an easy solution for this nerve-racking problem, e.g. some change in
Windows' system.ini file or something?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help...

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