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Posted by niv aharonov on October 08, 2001 at 06:20:00:

I try to program a simple midi program with my VC++5
in my program I receive messages (MIM_DATA) from my midi input device (my organ)
and output these messages in real time to the computer synthesizer.
now during program-execution when I manually change the
instruments in my organ
(with an instrument button on my organ)
a midi-input message of program-change IS NOT sent
to my callback-window function
and so of course I don't output a program-change-message to my synthesizer
the program-change event does take effect
as if I did post program-change message to my synthesizer
so the following note-on-messages posted to my synthesizer are with the new instrument.
where is the missing program-change-message???
thanks very much for your time
bye bye

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