Re: Casio files .CS3 to MIDI ??? Anyone?

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Posted by terry on September 01, 2001 at 15:06:31:

In Reply to: Re: Casio files .CS3 to MIDI ??? Anyone? posted by Les on January 22, 2001 at 14:17:09:

: I use an old version (3.01) of Cakewalk. If you can find a copy, it will be a very useful tool
: for all sorts of MIDI stuff. It can record MIDI in format 0, then split the channels, and
: save the file as MIDI format 1.

: Les

: ================================
: : Does anyone have a Casio WK1800? I have one and can record sequences in it. It has a disk drive and so I can save my Casio sequences to disk (hence the .cs3 extension). I can load these from disk into the Casio WK1800 and play them on it's sequencer. But I want to play them on the sequencer and thru a MIDI chain setup with my PC I want to record. That way I'll have the sequence converted to MIDI. But I'm using Finale's PrintMusic 2000 and it hangs when I try this. It might be that the Casio only reads in Format 0 MIDI files so I'm thinking it only puts out Format 0 thus all the tracks are coming down into one channel in PrintMusic thus creating some sort of "overload" and it can't handle it.

: : Anyone familiar with this? Anyone know of a Format 0 recorder? I'm sorry, when I say Format 0, I mean MIDI Format 0.
: : Anyone perhaps know of a program to convert .cs3 to .mid maybe?

: : Thanks in advance.

We have an 1800 and we record songs with the song sequencer, cs3, however, we have not been able to play back on the keyboard when placing disk in diskdrive. We are also looking for a software editor that will change cse to fomat 0. How have you been able to play what you record on the keyboard and save to disk, on the wk1800, I thought the 1800 can't recognize its own files. We always get an error. Thanks Terry Replay please

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