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Posted by Kris on August 30, 2001 at 11:42:31:

In Reply to: Re: playing my midi files on other computers posted by Jeremy Dimmick on August 30, 2001 at 06:22:44:

Thanks for your help. I had already gotten to the WAV stage. I tricked my program into recording more than 60 seconds by recording 60 seconds of nothing, then *adding* 60 seconds of nothing, and adding 120 more, and so on til I had about 10 minutes of nothing. Now I can record up to ten minutes of music over that. Pretty sneaky... :)

Then I just wired the speaker - out straight into the microphone - in and recorded my MIDI as a wav.

I have downloaded two encoding programs and had problems with both. One resulted in a lot of popping noises, the other resulted in a lot of static and a song that played five times too fast. So, I will try the two you recommended and hope for a better experience.

Thanks for your help!


: : Now, where can I get software to record MIDIs as MP3s? Is there any shareware, or do I need to buy something? Or is there possibly something that came with my (two year old) computer system that can do it?

: Well, this is a two-stage thing: you need a program that can record uncompressed audio (as a .wav file), and then an encoder that can convert it to a more compact and portable format like mp3.

: MS Windows comes with a very basic sound recorder program (sndrec32.exe) which would be a start, though I seem to remember it can only record 60s of audio. It's possibly not installed by default: go to Control Panel - Add/Remove programs - Windows setup, and look under Multimedia. Depending on what soundcard you have, it may have come bundled with a program like SoundForge XP which is fairly capable wave recording and editing software. Or you could try the demo of CoolEdit2000, from

: Once you have your raw audio data, there's a huge choice of encoding software that lets you convert it to different formats. I think CoolEdit can do this job too. I use a really excellent freeware program, DBPowerAmp Music Converter 5, also available at

: Good luck!

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