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Posted by Les on January 23, 2001 at 05:17:15:

In Reply to: QS6.1 and Cakewalk posted by Phil on January 23, 2001 at 01:05:26:


You have to set the QS to "General MIDI OFF" mode, so it can respond to bank and patch changes sent from Cakewalk.
When you use the QS with any sequencer, switch to MIX mode, and select the MULTITIMBRAL MIX.
If the Instrument definitions file was properly installed, and you assigned the QS6.1 to all channels of a MIDI port in
Cakewalk, you should be able to set up 16 channels on 16 tracks, and select banks and patches from Cakewalk.
Most MIDI files you download from the web have a GM ON sysex message at the beginning and sometimes at the end of the
sequence, and it will switch the QS back to GM mode, in which case you can not select banks, so make sure GM mode is off
whenecer you want to use all 5 banks, plus the cards if you have any.

Hope this helps,


: I am very new to midi and this is my dilema. I am using a QS6.1 with Cakewalk PA9. CWPA9 appears to be set up correctly with the proper instrument definitions, meaning I can 'talk' to the QS. On the syth end I am having trouble trying to figure out how to set it up to accept program changes from CWPA9. I have tried to understand the QS manual but it's rather confusing. My goal is to be able to make all of the program changes from CWPA9 and not just use the QS for general midi like it appears to be doing now. If someone is using Cakewalk PA9 and can talk me through this please respond. Thank you!

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