BUG on the Alesis QS!!!!!!

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Posted by Eduardo Poyart on May 22, 2001 at 09:25:12:


I own a QS 6.1 (software version 1.0) and I owned several other synths before.

I noticed a bug related to MIDI and the sustain pedal. Sometimes the sustain pedal doesn't sustain notes played by MIDI when the channel's KEYBOARD mode is OFF.

The setup is as follows. I use the QS6.1 to generate all sounds, and a Roland A-30 controller. I plug my sustain pedal to the QS6.1 and I use the Roland to transmit on Midi channels 3 and 4, while I control channels 1 and 2 with the QS6.1.

I programmed some MIXes in which chanels 1 and 2 have KEYBOARD=ON, and channels 3 and 4 have KEYBOARD=OFF, and all channels have MIDI IN and MIDI OUT set to ON.

The problem is: sometimes it goes to a state in which the sustain pedal doesn't affect channels 3 and 4. If I play on my controller and press the pedal, the pedal doesn't sustain the notes.

The solution: I enter edit mode on the MIX and set KEYBOARD to ON and then to OFF again. Then the sustain pedal works. (????????????????) If I do this procedure only on channel 3, the pedal starts working only on channel 3. If I do this to both channels, the pedal starts working on both channels.

When I reset the synth (turn it on with 0 and 3 pressed) the pedal stops working again. The pedal can stop working even wothout resetting, as I once noticed it was not working without having reset the synth. This is a problem, because I am going to play on a band in which I will use exactly this setup and I have to sustain some bass notes that are played on the Roland controller. It's not nice to do the "MIDI pedal fixing procedure" while on stage.

You can do this experience: plug your pedal to the QS, program a MIX to receive on some MIDI channel and set KEYBOARD to OFF. Then reset the synth, play some notes in your MIDI controller (not on the QS keyboard) and test the sustain pedal. Do the pedal fixing procedure and test it

Best regards
Eduardo Poyart

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